Explore the southern part of Portugal with a holiday villa in the Algarve

Booking the Algarve Holiday Home is the perfect way to explore the 200km coastline of Portugal’s Atlantic coast. There is a large range of accommodation options; from quiet trips to cosmopolitan city spaces, there’s something for everyone.

Faro is the capital of the region and an access point for most international visitors. Many use the historic city as a base for exploring the most relaxing destinations, but for those who want to escape the bustle, there are plenty of Holiday Apartments and Accommodation Algarve and secluded villas located far from the city.

If you want a little activity, explore one of Algarve’s 30+ hiking trails, and get breathtaking views. Food and drink are an integral part of Portuguese life – eat, drink, and explore southern Europe’s hottest spot on your way to this stunning beach.

Going to the Algarve>:

Faro Airport is the gateway to the region. There are plenty of international flights every day, although reduced schedules are still in operation during the winter. To get to your Villa or Apartments in Algarve you can rent a car or take one of the regular bus services.

If you fly to Lisbon, the country’s largest airport, you can easily travel to Algarve by train or car. The trip is pretty spectacular and takes a little over three hours.

Where to find the best food in Algarve?

Eat your way through the Algarve:

Seafood is popular throughout holiday rentals Portugal Albufeira, especially in the Algarve. Every seafood you can imagine is fresh from the sea. Meat is a staple of Portuguese food and cured sausages are a must-try.
Pastis de Nata is a classic dessert in Algarve; Pastry filled with rich egg cream and fragrant spices. Wine is definitely on the agenda when booking your Algarve holiday home. Red, white and green wines – yes, green – are all popular here, and of course, you should indulge in a little glass of wine with your dessert.

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