What Shocked You The Most When You Visited Portugal For The First Time

1. I Know The History Portugal Shared With India But The Similarities Shocked Me Especially With Food

2. Maybe It Was Just Me Feeling Nostalgic About India, Narrow Streets Or The Similar Coastal Attitude And Having The History With Portugal In My Mind, But It Was A Sweet Surprise And I Love Portugal For It.

3. As A Brazilian, I Was Shocked At How Portugal Is Very Similar To Brazil In Many Aspects: The Gastronomy, The Traditions, Architecture, Sociability, Passion For Football. Portugal Is Like A Brazil That Works Well, On A More Organized Version.

4. I Moved To Portugal And Lived First In Alentejo And Now In Central Portugal. What Sets It Apart Is The Helpfulness Of The People. The Diversity Of The Country And A Sense Of Calm.

5. That They Actually Stop Their Car At Crossovers And Let You Cross The Street In Peace. You Could Do So Blindfolded And Not Get Hit. They Really Respect The Crossings.

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