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Disclaimer & Booking Conditions

As party leader, I hereby agree on behalf of all above persons listed which I have submitted, accept the unaltered Booking Conditions. I hereby agree to release, remise and forever discharge VFS company and VFS affiliates, directors, employees and all other related persons or entities from any and all manner of rights, claims, complaints, demands, causes of action, proceedings, liabilities, obligations, legal fees, costs, and disbursements of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, which now or hereafter arise from, relate to or are connected with your booking. By returning this form completed by email we confirm that we have read all the conditions 1 to 23 and will abide by the terms indicated.

1. Villas Full Stop act only as booking agents on behalf of the owner: When you make your booking you must fill in and return your booking form within 48 hours of receiving.  By signing the booking form you are accepting all the terms of these booking conditions for everyone who is travelling with you.  The deposit payment to reserve the accommodation is non refundable.

2.  Insurance:     We consider it essential that you take out suitable insurance cover before you travel.

3. Paying for your accommodation:    If you book your accommodation more than eight weeks before your departure date, you will have to pay a  non refundable deposit of 30%, when you book.  You must then pay for the rest of your accommodation at least eight weeks before your scheduled departure date.  If you do not, we have the right to treat your accommodation as if you had cancelled it and apply the cancellation charges set out in paragraph 5 below.  If you book your accommodation within eight weeks of your departure date, you must pay the whole cost at the point of booking. Late payments will incur administration costs.

4. Changing your booking:    All requests for a change or alteration to a confirmed booking must be made in writing (or by electronic mail) which must bear the same signature as that on the original booking form.  Any changes after a booking is confirmed by us will incur additional charges. That includes adding additional guests regardless of the maximum capacity shown on the website or age of additional guest. These charges are from £50 per change/guest and must be paid prior to arrival. We will endeavour to meet your request, however we are not bound to do so and accept no responsibility if your request(s) can not be met.

5. Cancelling your accommodation:    If you cancel your booking, you will remain responsible for the payment of the balance of your booking. To cancel your accommodation the person who signed the booking form must write/email us. We will cancel your accommodation on the day we receive your cancellation.  We will endeavour to re-let the property on your behalf, there will be a charge of £45 for this service. We do not refund due to Acts of God. We do not refund insurance premiums. Booking deposits are non-refundable.

6. Our responsibilities:    We are responsible for making sure the accommodation which you book through us as a sub agent and that the services offered reach a reasonable standard.  We will not be responsible for any errors on the description of the property from any holiday websites we advertise on due to translation problems, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, property damage. VFS cannot be held responsible for the actions of the owner or third party affiliates with regards to the rental property. Information is correct at time of entry into website but may be subject to alteration without notice.(not including insurance premiums). We are not responsible for issues out of our hands for any complex facilities or 3rd party problems.

7. Changes:  Responsibility of accommodation and transport (where applicable) will be limited in accordance with the international convention, which applies. We reserve the right to change your accommodation due to previous guest damage, flood or other issue out of our control to the same standard accommodation or higher within a 5 mile radius.

8. Complaints:   Should you not be satisfied with the accommodation or any services we have agreed to provide, you must inform us (the sub agent of the property) immediately in writing, giving us the opportunity to resolve any problem(s) whilst you are still in the accommodation.  You must notify us within 24 hours of identifying the problem. We will assess how urgent the problem is and take what action we feel appropriate. If you do not give us the chance to put it right, we will reject any claim for refund . We will not be responsible for complaints made after vacating the accommodation, or if you have not followed the procedure set out above.

9. Disputes:    Should any disputes arise, we will do our utmost to solve the problem during your stay as long as you have given us the opportunity to resolve your issues while still in the accommodation.

10. Prices:    Before you make your booking, we may increase or decrease accommodation prices at any time.  Extra charges may be incurred as a result of fluctuations in, wifi fee, exchange rates, taxes or the cost of transport, including the cost of fuel, parking, toll charges and other fees.  You will be informed of any changes prior to booking any accommodation.

11.    Arrival Times:   You will be met at your accommodation by our representative who will complete the handover of the accommodation and the keys (takes approximately 15 minutes). The representative is scheduled to meet you and other guests throughout the day all of which are based on flight arrival times, estimated land travel time and time given to arrive by you. Should your flight arrival or travel time to the accommodation be delayed, the Representative will endeavour to return at the first opportunity though this could be some considerable time. In order to avoid such delays, please inform us immediately either by telephone or email should anything occur that restricts you from arriving at your scheduled time. You will be charged a minimum waiting rate of £10 first hour thereafter minimum £10 per half hour should you not arrive to the accommodation for the time you have specified. If your arrival to the accommodation is late evening (after 5pm), you may be asked for a 4 digit code to be able to access the apartment. If this happens you will be required as part of your booking conditions to be at the apartment the following morning between 10 am and 11am to be taken through the compulsory check in procedure.
If your arrival to the apartment exceeds midnight without prior notice (within 5 hours) VFS has the right to refuse entry until the following day and will make necessary arrangements for a rescheduled check in time. Should you have not informed VFS of a late arrival before you booked, VFS will not be held responsible for the charges that will be applied due to this information being withheld from VFS prior to your initial enquiry to us or prior to booking.

11a.   Arrival Times :    In the event that your flight or travel time is delayed and we have to reschedule a Representative, a delay in the accommodation handover may occur for which we can not be held responsible. We shall keep the delays to a minimum where possible, but any such delay will be in line with the arrival of other holiday guests, who will be given priority. Charges will apply as set above in condition 11.

12. Accommodation equipment:     The level and type of equipment / utensils varies between each accommodation type, but all are sufficiently well equipped for holiday rentals.  Should a guest have a specific need for an item which is not available in the accommodation, if the guest has not brought that item with them, they should purchase one locally. We are not responsible and unable to provide any additional equipment or items not already within the accommodation. Please do not leave any personal or locally purchased items in the accommodation as they may not meet the required safety standards.

12a. Appliances:  TVs, WIFI, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge/freezer, dishwashers, ovens, showers, Jacuzzis, microwaves, toasters, kettles, irons, CD/DVD players, game stations, bbqs, boilers and air conditioning cannot be guaranteed in the event of a breakdown during your stay. Everything will be done to repair or replace the item as soon as possible, which may not be until the end of your holiday or after your departure.

13.   Call-outs Non Guest Related:  Your holiday accommodation has no reception or onsite maintenance services.  However you are provided with a local emergency number for call-outs in the event of flood or gas leakage for which there is no charge.

13a  Call-outs Guest Related:    If a call-out is made as the result of a guests misuse, carelessness or neglect, or for a non-urgent request, then a charge becomes payable. An amount of £100 plus the cost of the repair, replacement or cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit and/or an immediate payment in either, Euros, Sterling or by Credit Card. Should you lock yourself out of the accommodation a minimum call out of £45 will apply. If a locksmith is required a further charge of a minimum £50 per hour for labour plus parts.

14. Security Damage Deposit:   £200 is payable on booking, (£400 if staying in a villa/duplex) . This will then be returned once the accommodation has been cleaned and verified by our representative within 14 days of your departure to allow us to inspect for hidden damage, missing or broken items or not left in the good condition. This refund may be delayed if linen has been damaged or missing or other issues arose during your stay. The deposit will only be returned to the person named on the booking form and to card paid with or account bank transfer was received from.

15. Non Registered Guests:   The only guests allowed in the accommodation are those listed on the booking form. Any non registered guest found to be residing at the property will invalidate the rental agreement resulting in the immediate eviction of all guests and the loss of the security damage deposit payment.

16. Cleaning: You have booked to stay in a self catering apartment/villa where accommodation is fully equipped for this purpose. A change of linen will only occur weekly for stays of 14 nights or more unless prior arrangement has been made. Sufficient linen will be supplied on arrival. Maid service and change of linen can be arranged for 13 nights or less but is chargeable to the guest before arrival. It is the guests responsibility to ensure that all towels and linen that are supplied for their stay are left in a satisfactory condition. Please avoid usage of self tanning or carotene products and P20 24 hour sun cream protection, using the towels for the beach or pool areas or any other cause of stain ie blood, hair dye, ink or makeup, as if after laundry the linen is returned still marked the cost of replacement will be taken from the security /breakage deposit.

17. Check Out/In times:  Unless otherwise stated all VFS rental bookings commence from 4pm and entry cannot be given before this time. During busy periods this time can extend to 5pm. Whilst every effort will be made to have your keys available for collection at 4pm, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may have had to arrange for essential maintenance to be carried out or due to previous guests delayed departure, the cleaning schedule will have been disrupted / delayed. We sincerely hope this does not happen when you arrive and we will do everything we can to avoid it.  We endeavour to meet these times subject to causes outside our control, ie excessive clean required due to prior guests, floods or any other fault beyond our control. The latest check in time is 8pm. The latest checkout time is 10am. The accommodation must be left in a clean and tidy condition, with all the shutters, doors and windows securely locked. All air conditioning and TVs switched off. A charge will be made for any accommodation vacated later than 10 am or accommodation that has not been left securely or in a clean and tidy condition. Should you wish to extend your check out time this can be arranged prior to arrival for an additional fee subject to availability.
Should your flight be delayed or other issue arises and you are going to arrive after 10pm, there will be a standard £50 fee applicable and an extra £25 each hour thereafter and payable on entry to the accommodation if we can arrange for someone to meet you.  If we are unable to accommodate your late arrival, then you must make alternative arrangements and check in the following morning at an agreed time by both parties.

18.  Internet / WIFI usage (if applicable) must be requested and paid for prior to arrival. Should you decide on arrival to take advantage of the facility this charge will be deducted from your damage deposit. We are not responsible for any interruption in the wifi service. Once credit / limit exceeded, extra payment will be applicable. Fair usage applies.

18a. UK TV channels: These channels cannot be guaranteed on your arrival due to constant changes and upgrades required by the 3rd party supplier. We recommend all guests bring their own wifi hotspot facility and guests travelling with young children are advised to bring alternative recreational amenities for the duration of the holiday in case TV facility is interrupted.

19. Breakages/Damages:  Please contact VFS to report any damage or breakages which may occur during your holiday. We reserve the right to make a charge on behalf of any owner who needs to claim for damages that may be incurred by the guest in occupation during their holiday. This includes damage/staining to linen or towels and missing items.

20. Security: Windows, shutters and doors must be kept securely closed and locked when the property is not being occupied.

21. Refunds:  We regret no refunds can be made for a holiday which has been taken in full.

22. Allergies: We cannot guarantee that any of our properties are free of feathers or any other allergic substances.

23. Lost property:  If personal belongings are left behind, a minimum charge of £25 will be made for collection, postage and packaging. Any item not claimed within 2 weeks will be given to charity.